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DCRM Editorial Guidelines and Errata

Page history last edited by Erin Blake 10 years, 7 months ago

DCRM Editors are asked to note corrections needed and changes made using this wiki.

(This wiki replaces the ACRL wiki, which is slated for demolition)



Integrity of DCRM text

Basic idea: do not change wording in future modules unless it clarifies an ambiguity, corrects a mistake, or needs changes for material-specific reasons. See Integrity of DCRM text and Material-specific changes for more information). 



Editorial conventions

For conventions of formatting, wording, etc., see General editorial conventions and Format-specific editorial conventions. For instructions on using the master Word document, see Formatting the master word document.




Changes needing to be made to published DCRMs are noted on the "Errata" pages in the side-bar. DCRM editors add to these pages as things needing changing are found. See the list in the side bar on the right.



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