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Area 5 errata

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  • Rule numbering and titles taken from DCRM(B) first printing 
  • Module code in parentheses before rule number indicates location of original text to be changed; module code after description of needed change indicates that the change has been made in that module; module code after plus "n/a" means change has been verified as not applicable to that module
  • Because subsequent printings are based on an entirely new text supplied by BSC but Cataloger's Desktop is updated manually, there is occasionally a discrepancy between print and online that is to be noted and CD to be given the correction
  • Additions to text are shown underlined; deletions are shown struck through
  • Codes:
    • {B, B1}, B2, B3, B4 = Books, first through fourth printings; "not done" indicates that the intended change was inadvertently not made
    • C = Cartographic
    • G = Graphics
    • M = Music
    • MSS = Manuscripts
    • S = Serials
    • CD = Cataloger's Desktop


Physical description


5C1.1. To indicate...

  1. (B3) Bold rule number (B4)


5C1.5. (Illustration)

  1. (B1)(S) "Optionally, add the graphic process or technique in parentheses, preferably using a term found in a standard thesaurus vocabulary. Give more detailed descriptions of the illustrations in a note, if considered important." [added 2011.10.19; agreed to by DJL, EB, and LMT; no need for a DPC] (B3)(C)(G n/a)(M)(MSS cf. 5C2.1)(B4; removed comma before "if considered important" per General Editorial Guidelines)
  2. (B1)(S) footnote: "Thesauri Vocabularies useful for this purpose include the Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online (AAT) and the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II: Genre & Physical Characteristic Terms. (TGM II)." [added 2011.10.19; agreed to by DJL, EB, and LMT; no need for a DPC] (B3)(C; however, changed to simply "Vocabularies useful for this purpose include Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online and Thesaurus for Graphic Materials" based on changes in "List of Works Cited")(G n/a)(M)(MSS cf. 5C2.1)(B4: followed C's lead on simplified language; also removed italics from titles in B3 printing)



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