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Appendix F errata

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  • Rule numbering and titles taken from DCRM(B) first printing 
  • Module code in parentheses before rule number indicates location of original text to be changed; module code after description of needed change indicates that the change has been made in that module; module code after plus "n/a" means change has been verified as not applicable to that module
  • Because subsequent printings are based on an entirely new text supplied by BSC but Cataloger's Desktop is updated manually, there is occasionally a discrepancy between print and online that is to be noted and CD to be given the correction
  • Additions to text are shown underlined; deletions are shown struck through
  • Codes:
    • {B, B1}, B2, B3, B4 = Books, first through fourth printings; "not done" indicates that the intended change was inadvertently not made 
    • C = Cartographic
    • G = Graphics
    • M = Music
    • MSS = Manuscripts
    • S = Serials
    • CD = Cataloger's Desktop


Title access points


F1. Introduction 

  1. (B) 2nd paragraph: Change "The appendix" to "This appendix" (B2)(S)(G)(M)(C)(MSS)


F2. ...  0G2.2. Title proper with converted letters i/j or u/v

  1. (B)(S) title: Title proper with converted letterforms I, V, i, j, u, or vletters i/j or u/v (C)(G)(B3; incorrectly done)(MSS)(B4)
  2. (B)(S) 1st paragraph: If any of the first five words in the title proper contains a letterform IViju, or v i/j/u/v that... (C)(G)(B3; incorrectly done)(M)(MSS)(B4)
  3. (B)(S) 2nd paragraph: ...converting them from the letters i/j/u/v into uppercase or lowercase... (C)(G)(B3)M()(MSS)


F2. ...  0G3.4. Variant spellings involving spacing (MSS question: the number of this rule should be 0G4.3? C: Yes, the wiki has a typo, good catch! Looks like the rule number in F2 is correct (0G4.3) in the C and G drafts but not the M draft. Once the M draft gets corrected, I think it can be corrected here in the wiki as well and these notes deleted.)

  1. (B)(S) Add new entry: "If any variant or archaic spacing has been transcribed in the first five words of the title proper, provide additional title access for the form of title with modern spacing." (C)(G)(M)(MSS)(B4)


Newhampshire & Vermont ALMANAC


Newhampshire & Vermont almanac

Additional title access:

New Hampshire & Vermont almanac


F2. ... 0G10. Title proper with initials, etc. (Optional)

  1. (B)(S) renumber 0G10 to make it 0G4.4 and move it to a new position between 0G4.2 0G4.3 and 0G6.4 (C)(G)(MSS n/a)(B4)


F2. ... 1B1.1 Title proper with transposed elements (Optional)

  1. (B)(S)(G) "If an element appearing before the title proper has been transposed, provide additional title access for the element or for the title inclusive of the preceding element." per revisions made by DSG 2014-02-28 (C)(M)(MSS cf. 1C2.1)(B4)



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