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Formatting the master Word document

Page history last edited by Erin Blake 10 years ago

Use "Word styles" to format the text

  • Obtain DCRM "styles" by starting with a previous module as the foundation document
    • Modify styles to uncheck "Automatically update" in "Manage Styles" or you could easily change the look of everything in that style by accident after building a new style based on it
    • Watch out for incorrect styles that might creep in (e.g. "Glossary + Italic + Not italic" is the result of someone taking text in the "Glossary + Italic" style and clicking the "Not italic" button rather than selecting "Glossary" from the Styles list to get rid of the unwanted italics)
  • Download examples page of commonly-used DCRM styles:
  • Summary:
    • main text: Palatino Linotype
    • examples: Courier New, indented
    • labels under examples: "Note:" or "Local note:" or "Optional note:" or "Optional local note:" or "Comment:" are italics, indented


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